Comikey Media Inc. has successfully invested in Meteor Strike Media LLC (MSM), an up and coming Korean novel localization company. We have recently purchased a stake in the company and hope for a long and successful relationship.

Meteor Strike Media

Established in 2019, Meteor Strike Media is a US-based localization company that focuses on obtaining licenses to be able to translate Korean novels for the international market. They have been successful in working on well-known series such as Fallen Monarch, RE: Survival, and World’s Greatest Militia, which is distributed on our online platform. Chapters can be accessed for free, and revenue is earned through ads and subscription services. There is also an option to purchase bundled chapters in both ebook and print format. Comikey had previously helped in marketing their Kickstarter for the popular novel I'm Only a Stepmother but My Daughter Is Just So Cute! The fundraiser was a massive success, raising more than triple our intended goal of $10,000.

As we both specialize in localizing foreign content for an international market, Comikey believes that this investment will benefit both companies and ultimately allow us to expand our userbase. We will aim to increase accessibility to a global audience through this acquisition of stakes.