Comikey Media Inc. is a US-based tech company with a focus on digitally licensing, localizing and publishing Manga, Manhwa (Webtoons) and Manhua. The company localizes content from its original languages into English (including other languages), publishing it on its online platform, where an international audience can read series at an affordable price. Comikey Media Inc. aims to expand farther into the comic industry by licensing and publishing original content, as well as giving professional, and freelance, content creators the ability to self-publish on the platform.

Comikey Media Inc. was envisioned in 2019, and registered in April 2020 by four founding members with a shared passion for comics. With the goal of redefining the comic reading culture in the west, Comikey Media Inc. was established to participate in changing the very ideology of what it means to read comics online.

Comikey Media Inc.'s business focus is:

  1. Designing and Developing high traffic media platforms
  2. Localizing Manga, Manhwa and Manhua into English and various other languages
  3. Developing and maintaining their comic reading platform,

With a combined experience of 15+ years in the localization industry, the founders are confident Comikey Media Inc.'s platform will become the defining platform for this new era of online comic reading.