Portland, Oregon (July 23rd, 2023) — Comikey is pleased to announce it has licensed three more MEDIA DO webtoon titles for the month of August, and plans to make them available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. It plans to further expand its MEDIA DO catalog in the following months. Comikey formed a partnership with MEDIA DO Co., Ltd in July 2023, which is the biggest eBook distributor in Japan.

Comikey is also pleased to announce it has licensed two COMPASS manga that will be launched later this year.

The following webtoon titles have been localized by MEDIA DO in English, and the Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish versions have been localized in-house by Comikey.

Moriarty's Perfect Crime

Japanese: 未来の黒幕系悪役令嬢モリアーティーの異世界完全犯罪白書

Summary: James Moriarty, the most fearsome criminal, met his demise after a confrontation with a famous detective at a certain waterfall. He found himself possessed by a beautiful young lady from another world, and what he saw there was the insidious abuse by other noble daughters. He has no memory, but his brain is still the same. He wields the power of his lucid mind and the perfect crime equation to the fullest for the sake of only one girl in a world without a great detective. The bullied young lady dies and is reborn as Moriarty, a villainess without blood or tears.

Creators: Kuromeika, YUZU comics & DNP
Publisher: YUZU comics (MEDIA DO’s webtoon label)
Languages Available: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish
Release Date: August 8th, 2023 PST

My Dearest Witch

Japanese: 最強魔女とその夫

Summary: When Luanna was 13, her parents were murdered, and the shock caused her magical powers to blossom. It's been 3 years since Luanna, known as the most powerful witch in the country, met Kurs who was an ordinary man. Although he's yelled at daily by the passionate Luanna, Kurs is madly in love with her and devotes himself to her. He also tries to be the best househusband. However, Luanna is finally ready to leave their peaceful days behind. This is all to achieve her own dream. What's more, her husband, Kurs, has a secret that he keeps from his wife. Will Luanna be able to fulfill her dream while receiving the unconditional love of her husband?

Creators: Mizuhara Chihiro, UNO STUDIO & YUZU comics
Publisher: YUZU comics (MEDIA DO’s webtoon label)
Languages Available: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish
Release Date: August 15th, 2023 PST

Neet Hero

Japanese: 無職だけど異世界で世界滅亡の危機に立ち向かう

Summary: I lost my job, and one day, I woke up realizing that I had been transported to another world. Moreover, it seems that I can use an ability called 'grant blessings.'
By using this ability, I will strengthen beautiful girls and thus create the strongest harem of all! Oh, by the way, I will also prevent the destruction of this world!

Creators: Yohei Inoki, YUZU comics & DNP
Publisher: YUZU comics (MEDIA DO’s webtoon label)
Languages Available: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish
Release Date: August 11th, 2023 PST

From General to Bride: Marrying My Strongest Rival

Japanese: 金髪の姫将軍は元敵国の好敵手に嫁ぐ

Summary: In the kingdom of Alderia, First Princess Leone defies the norms by rejecting dresses for iron armor and serving her country as a knight general. Nicknamed the "Golden Lion," she is feared for her bold courage in battle. However, in the midst of a military conflict, Leone unexpectedly receives a proposal of marriage from Zergios, her enemy nation on the brink of collapse. Surprisingly, it comes from none other than Marshal Berthold, someone with whom she has clashed swords many times in the past.

A man of few words and a brusque demeanor, Berthold's conversations with Leone mirror the exchanges between two seasoned military figures. Gradually, however, his straightforward approach begins to break down Leone's barriers. Where will this marriage take these two people whose lives have revolved around nothing but the sword?

Creators: Iku Morikawa, Kou Hadori, & Hakuseki
Publisher: COMPASS

Cinderella Got Married, So the Evil Stepsister Can Chill Out...Right?

Japanese: シンデレラが結婚したので意地悪な義姉はクールに去……れません!?

Summary: I was hit by a car and found myself reincarnated in the world of Cinderella!

I, a serious lady who lived for her work, was reincarnated as Cinderella's stepsister Petra. In order to get my beautiful but lazy and leeching sister and the prince together just like in the story, I worked hard with my other stepsister! But the world misunderstood our tough ways and we were rumored to be "evil stepsisters..."

After overcoming our hardships, we saw Cinderella successfully marry the prince to live happily ever after!! But then at the ball, some mysterious husband material named Eric rudely accuses me of being cruel to Cinderella out of jealousy...?!

Creators: Kei Arima, Ataka Katsuragi, & Youka Morihara
Publisher: COMPASS

These manga & webtoons will be available to read on comikey.com, as well as the Company’s mobile app—available on both iOS and Android. Comikey also plans to release all COMPASS titles as e-books on third party stores such as Amazon, as it has done previously with “My Engagement Was Called Off Under False Accusations, but Who Ever Said My Face Was Ugly Beneath the Mask?” and “The Princess of Blue Roses”.

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