Portland, Oregon (February 1st, 2024) — Comikey Media Inc. is excited to announce its latest partnership with Japanese publisher Funguild (funguild.jp). This collaboration signifies a major leap in Comikey's commitment to diversifying its webtoon offerings, catering to an ever-growing international audience.

In a significant move to cater to its diverse readership, the company announces that these newly licensed webtoons will be available in both English and Brazilian Portuguese, simultaneously. This initiative is a part of Comikey's ongoing effort to make quality digital content accessible to a wider audience, especially through Comikey Brasil.

The lineup of webtoons that will be launched includes:

Holy Revenge: The Princess Who Became a Swordsman

Japanese:  聖なる復讐ー生き残り姫は剣士となるー

Summary: "How dare they... I swear I’ll make them pay for this!" Leila’s resolve was unwavering after losing her parents, hometown, and family treasures. She, who inherited the magical power of the spirits, swore to take revenge. In order to give retribution to the kingdom that took everything from her, she disguised herself as a man and joined their Royal Order as a knight. With the help of the comrades she met there, they discover the gemstone that was once stolen from her home. However, an even harsher fate awaits them once they retrieve it...

Creators: Nagi Natsusaka/JAMTOON
Publisher: FUNGUILD
Release Date: January 22nd 2024
Languages: English, PTBR

DRAMAtical Murder

Japanese: ドラマティカルマーダー 

Summary: Cracks started to form within Aoba's ordinary life on a remote southwestern island off the coast of Japan as he gets caught up in a dangerous game!
The game, Rhyme, is an ultra-realistic online game that has recently been growing in popularity with the young adults living in Midorijima.
Despite being uninterested in the game, Aoba finds himself dragged into a match against his will with an unknown opponent.
As Aoba fights desperately with his artificial lifeform buddy, Ren, a voice calls out to wake him up.
Soon, Aoba finds himself trying to unravel the conspiracy lying at the heart of Midorijima with the help of some unsavory men and his special ability.

Creators: NITRO CHiRAL/Sotaka Akitsu/JAMTOON
Publisher: FUNGUILD
Release Date: January 29th 2024
Languages: English, PTBR

A Game for the Dead: Those Who Crave Death Must Survive

Japanese:  死願者ゲーム -死にたい奴は、生き残れ-

Summary: To those who wish to go to heaven, kill each other and be the last one standing to survive. This place is called the "school", which lies between the world of the living and heaven. The group of 11 composed of boys and girls are suddenly forced to participate in a death game hosted by someone who calls themselves "Sensei"! This school decides who dies and who doesn't. Only the person surviving at the end of the game can go to heaven. If one wants to die, they have to kill everyone else. Everyone has their "reasons of wanting to die", but who will be the last one remaining in this corrupted game...?!

Creators: Roy Kagino/JAMTOON
Publisher: FUNGUILD
Release Date: January 30th 2024
Languages: English, PTBR

These manga will be available to read on comikey.com (English), br.comikey.com (Brazilian Portuguese), as well as the Company’s mobile app—available on both iOS and Android.

About Comikey Media Inc.

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