Comikey Media Inc. is pleased to announce that have entered into a capital and business alliance with Link-U Inc. starting from the 10th of June (2021). With a common interest in creating a comic platform for the Western market, Link-U has purchased a stake in Comikey Media Inc.

Founded in 2013, Link-U Inc. is a well-established Japanese software development company that specializes in app development and server infrastructure. They have developed manga and novel platforms for many large Japanese publishers, such as MANGA Plus, Manga Mee, and Zebrack by Shueisha, Manga One and Sunday Webry by Shogakukan, Manga Park by Hakusensha, Gangan Online by Square Enix, and GauGau by Futabasha. Link-U has also recently founded a subsidiary, COMPASS Inc., that provides editorial and delivery services to aspiring mangaka. With Link-U’s successful track record in software development and experience in the publishing industry, Comikey Media Inc. is honored to be working with them.

About Comikey Media Inc.

Founded in 2020, Comikey Media Inc. is a US-based localization company that aims to localize Asian comics such as manhua, webtoons, and manga. Partnering with various publishers, the company licenses their series in order to release their chapters on their very own online platform. Chapters are released in English with future plans to localize series into other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and many more. In order to accomplish this, their team consists of experienced translators and editors from all across the globe which allows them to consistently release localized content at a fast and reliable rate.

Together with Link-U’s valuable expertise in the field, Comikey Media Inc. has put their skills in platform development, content and user management to good use by developing an online platform. They hope to use this platform to create a flourishing global comic culture.