Portland, OR (JUNE 15, 2022) — Comikey is pleased to announce the launch of two new series from Korean-based publisher, Dream Creative Communication (DCC Ent Co., LTD).

One new comic will be released per day.

Flower War (플라워 워)

Summary: Set in the near future, as the Earth reaches its end due to environmental pollution, the planet wakes up its ancient sleeping guardian. This guardian just happens to be a flower-like biological weapon that attacks mankind in an attempt to destroy civilization. An all-out battle begins between the surviving humans and Earth itself.
Just as poor rookie pilot, Kay, gets their first assignments, they encounter a different type of guardian. Can this discovery help them defeat Earth’s guardian? Or will they just destroy both themselves and their home world altogether?

By: BlessYoon, Hong Banjang, Yun Jun
Publisher: DCC Ent co.,LTD
Release date: 6/15/2022

Delicious Blood (딜리셔스 블러드)

Summary: Due to a random string of bad luck, Choi Yujeong, an ordinary college student, owes $100,000 dollars to the owner of a cafe called, “Delicious Blood.”

Daniel Lee, the handsome and flirty cafe owner, just happens to be in need of hired help. Ever the madman, he offers Yujeong a part-time job at his cafe to pay off her debts, and a place to live! Rightly so, Yujeong has questions. For starters, Mr. Lee’s whole life seems shrouded in secrecy... and this deal is just too good to be true! Will he let her off the hook, or will Yujeong stay indebted for life??

By: la lune, Rosa, ZQ
Publisher: DCC Ent co.,LTD
Release date: 6/16/2022

DCC is a new publisher to Comikey’s services. The Company plans to release chapters weekly. All-new comics are now available to read on the Comikey website and the Company’s iOS and Android app.

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