Subtitle: New Brazilian Portuguese titles live at new subdomain,

Portland, Oregon (Jan 30, 2023) — Comikey Media Inc. is proud to announce that it is investing significantly in the Portuguese (Brazil) language market segment. The new Comikey Brazil platform has been officially launched, kicking off with 5 new licensed webtoon titles, with a lot more series to come. The new titles are available on both desktop and their mobile apps. This decision is based on successful testing of “Kengan Omega”, and “Thank you, Isekai” in 5 languages. The company has shared that it plans to further expand into the Portuguese language market within the coming months. The company’s new partnership with studios like Red Dog Culture House Co., Ltd., RS Media Inc. and DCC Ent co., LTD, has been marked as a start to its new language expansion.

Comikey is pleased to announce the launch of five new webtoon titles in Brazilian Portuguese (PTBR). What’s more, the Company has made these five webtoons available to read on its new Brazilian Portuguese subdomain (, as well as its mobile app—both iOS and Android.

“Latna Saga: A Jornada do Rei Espadachim” (이계검왕생존기, Latna Saga: Survival of a Sword King)

Story & art by: Soon-Q, Studio KHIT
Publisher: Red Dog Culture House Co., Ltd.

The Player Who Can't Level Up: O Mestre dos Egos” (레벨업 못하는 플레이어, The Player Who Can't Level Up)

Story & art by: Parrot Kim, Tae_A, Studio KHIT
Publisher: Red Dog Culture House Co., Ltd.

“All Gods: Epifania” (전신의 강림)

Editing: Tooniya
Artist: Hit Studio
Original Author: Yosam
Publisher: RS Media Inc.

“The Broken Ring: Um Casamento Fadado ao Fracasso” (이 결혼은 어차피 망하게 되어 있다, The Broken Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway)

Story & art by: CHACHA-KIM, Cheong-gwa, CHOKAM
Publisher: DCC Ent co.,LTD

“O Elixir do Sol” (태양의 주인, Elixir of the Sun)

Story & art by: Solddam, KONN, Song Yi
Publisher: DCC Ent co.,LTD

The Company plans to release new chapters weekly.

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