Portland, Oregon (April 10th, 2023) — Comikey, a leading digital manga & webtoon platform, is pleased to announce its new partnership with NetComics. NetComics, a major contributor to the Korean Wave, is a publisher of manhwa, webtoons, manga, and comics in the United States. Comikey will add six NetComics titles to its catalog this month. In addition, Comikey is pleased to announce the addition of one exclusive WoowaBrothers webtoon.

April showers bring new manga titles to its platform, with titles from partners such as SQUARE ENIX, Hakusensha, and MangaOne. Additionally, April marks the roll out of the more than 150+ titles previously announced at Anime NYC 2022.

Finally, the Company is launching another seven manga titles from their new partner, MediBang Inc.

The following manga will be exclusively localized by Comikey and released on the Company’s website, as well as iOS and Android mobile apps.

Training Regimes of the World’s Strongest Women

Japanese Title: 最強女師匠たちが育成方針を巡って修羅場
Creators: Hirotaka Akagi & Yoichiro Ono
Publisher: Shogakukan
Planned Release: 4/13/2023

The Swordsman Dubbed the Sorcerer of Countless Swords

Japanese Title: 千剣の魔術師と呼ばれた剣士
Creators: Akira Takamitsu, Gilse, Ema Kurosu
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Planned Release: 4/16/2023

Imperial Bride

Japanese Title: 帝国の恋嫁
Creator: Kauta Mato
Publisher: Hakusensha
Planned Release: 4/29/2023

Comikey has licensed the following nine SQUARE ENIX titles to add to its catalog.

Vermeil in Gold: The Failing Student and the Strongest Scourge Plunge Into the World of Magic

Japanese Title: 金装のヴェルメイユ ~崖っぷち魔術師は最強の厄災と魔法世界を突き進む~
Creators: Kouta Amana, Youko Umezu
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Planned Release: 4/12/2023

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

Japanese Title: お隣の天使様にいつの間にか駄目人間にされていた件
Creators: Saekisan, Hanekoto, Wan Shibata, Suzu Yuki
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Planned Release: 4/15/2023

My Clueless First Friend

Japanese Title: 事情を知らない転校生がグイグイくる。
Creator: Taku Kawamura
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Planned Release: 4/19/2023

The Reincarnated Prince Becomes an Alchemist and Brings Prosperity to His Country

Japanese Title: 転生王子は錬金術師となり興国する
Creators: Rui Tsukiyo, S.Kosugi, Arata Shindou
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Planned Release: 4/20/2023

I'm Not Even an NPC In This Otome Game!

Japanese Title: 乙女ゲーのモブですらないんだが
Creators: Gyokuro, Meno Himeno
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Planned Release: 4/22/2023

Are You Okay with a Slightly Older Girlfriend?

Japanese Title: ちょっぴり年上でも彼女にしてくれます?
Creators: Kota Nozomi, Enya Uraki, Meruchi Nanase
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Planned Release: 4/25/2023

Is It My Fault That I Got Bullied?

Japanese Title: いじめるアイツが悪いのか、いじめられた僕が悪いのか?
Creators: Chikara Kimizuka, Yen Hioka
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Planned Release: 4/26/2023

Homeland Dropout: The Time I Was Reincarnated as the Fourth Enchanter in the Entire World

Japanese Title: 落ちこぼれ国を出る ~実は世界で4人目の付与術師だった件について~
Creators: Shizuku Mikage, HAYADAI
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Planned Release: 4/27/2023

The World is Full of Monsters, So I Want to Live as I Wish

Japanese Title: モンスターがあふれる世界になったので、好きに生きたいと思います
Creators: yosshaa!, Ralsan, koruse
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Planned Release: 4/30/2023

Comikey has licensed seven manga titles from MediBang Inc. soon to be (or already) available on the Company’s platform.

My Future Starts Today ~Miku&Kyoko~

Japanese Title: 今日から未来
Publisher: MediBang
Planned Release: 4/2/2023

Change the World: Bloodthirsty Killer from Today

Japanese Title: チェンジザワールド―今日から殺人鬼―
Publisher: MediBang
Planned Release: 4/11/2023

The Scene of My Rumspringa

Japanese Title: ラムスプリンガの情景
Publisher: MediBang
Planned Release: 4/11/2023

My Lucky Star

Japanese Title: 僕のラッキースター
Publisher: MediBang
Planned Release: 4/17/2023

Rosen Garten Saga

Japanese Title: ローゼンガーテン・サーガ
Publisher: MediBang
Planned Release: 4/17/2023

You Are My Princess

Japanese Title: 君は僕のお姫さま
Publisher: MediBang
Planned Release: 4/17/2023

Instruction Manual for the Unfriendly Bodyguard

Japanese Title: 無愛想BGのトリセツ
Publisher: MediBang
Planned Release: 4/23/2023

The following six webtoons have been licensed by Comikey from NetComics.

Survival Marriage

Korean Title: 생존결혼
Publisher: NetComics
Planned Release: 4/10/2023

The Villainess Behind the Mask

Korean Title: 악녀는 백치가면을 쓴다
Publisher: NetComics
Planned Release: 4/14/2023

The Destroyer Fell In Love With Me

Korean Title: 파멸 예정 연하 남주가 내게 빠졌다
Publisher: NetComics
Planned Release: 4/18/2023

Can The Grand Duke and The Marquis be Friends?

Korean Title: 대공과 후작 사이에 친구가 어디 있어?
Publisher: NetComics
Planned Release: 4/21/2023

Beauty As The Beast

Korean Title: 미녀가 야수
Publisher: NetComics
Planned Release: 4/24/2023

On The Emperor's Lap

Korean Title: 폐하의 무릎 위
Publisher: NetComics
Planned Release: 4/28/2023

Last but not least, Comikey has licensed and localized the following webtoon from WoowaBrothers.

I Can't Face My Senior!

Korean Title: 불편해요, 선배님!
Publisher: WoowaBrothers
Planned Release: 4/8/2023

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