Tokyo, Japan (September 1st, 2022) — Comikey is pleased to announce that Link-U, Inc., Comikey’s partner in Japan, has launched its own webtoon studio, Studio Moon 6. This comes on the heels of Link-U’s newly-minted partnership with D&C of South Korea.

D&C Media is one of Korea’s largest publishers known for webnovels and webtoons such as the hugely popular "Solo Leveling." They will be providing original novels to be used as the source material for webtoons, support and know-how for the production of webtoons, as well as distribution, sales and marketing in South Korea.

Link-U will be providing their expert knowledge and connections with publishers in the Japanese market, handling distribution in Japan. Hidenori Hirafumi from Link-U will be acting as CEO for Studio Moon 6, headquartered in Tokyo.

Studio Moon 6 aims mainly to produce so-called "NovelToons" - webtoons that use web novels or light novels as source material. In addition to D&C’s catalog, they are looking for Japanese novels to use for webtoon adaptations. Contact information for those interested will be published on Studio Moon 6’s website, scheduled to launch in September.

Comikey will assist in this venture as the platform for distribution and localization of Studio Moon 6’s webtoons outside of Korea and Japan.