Portland, Oregon (May 02, 2022) — Comikey is pleased to announce the launch of “Starting Today, We’re Childhood Friends” by Obiya Midori—a popular manga from Shinchosha, plus “The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses,” “My First Times with Suwa-san”—two titles from SQUARE ENIX.

All-new comics are now available to read on the Comikey website, as well as the Company’s iOS and Android app.

Comikey will be providing English translations for the officially licensed comic from Shinchosha and SQUARE ENIX, bringing all three to an English-speaking audience for the first time.

Starting Today, We’re Childhood Friends

Summary: Transfer student, Yuzuki Kaede wants to have a childhood friend. She forms a friendship with her next-door neighbor and classmate Aida Kouhei, beginning the everyday story of two childhood friends.

By: Obiya Midori
Publisher: Shinchosha

This marks the second English release of a manga from Shinchosha; the first being Girl Crush by Tayama Midori.

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses

Trying to find the next big young adult romance that desperately deserves an anime? We’ve got you.

Summary: Kaede Komura is kind of a quiet guy. He sits in the back of the class and tries to stay under the radar. That is, until Mie-san, a cute girl, chooses to sit next to him. For Komura, it’s love at first sight, but Mie-san loses her line of vision when she forgets her glasses! Her cecity would be damning if not for Komura, who is obviously eager to help her get through the school year. Will Mie-san start to see Komura through clearer lenses?

By: Koume Fujichika
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX

My First Times with Suwa-san

Young love, ambivalence, dreams of becoming the man you want to be. You’ll find it all in My First Times with Suwa-san.

Summary: From a young age, Yamanaka Suguru decided that to grow into the man he wanted to become, he would have to face all of his new life challenges head-on! This includes his new relationship with a mystery girl who claims to like him, even though they haven’t really met… Like EVER. This new challenge quickly dredges up many more in its wake. Will Suguru be able to handle the pressure?

By: Yasuka Manuma
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX

For both Shinchosha and SQUARE ENIX, the Company plans to release chapters weekly and aims to catch up with the Japanese release schedule, after which it will switch to a simultaneous publication schedule.

Comikey first announced the partnership with Shinchosha in July 2021, and the partnership with Square Enix in November 2021. Additional releases for new comics are planned to follow shortly.

The Company’s mobile app is now available for readers to download on both iOS and Android.

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